Career Consultation Services

Finding-Your-Path-Career Exploration-Ser

Finding Your Path

Career Exploration Session

One-on-one career exploration with an introduction to, and guidance through, tools and resources that aid in reflection, research, and informed decision making


Job Search & Salary

Advice Session

One-on-one guidance on utilizing the right platforms to find the job you want, techniques to understand if you're a match, and assisted research to ensure you're paid well


LinkedIn 201

Hands-On Session

One-on-one interactive walkthrough focused on creating your personal brand and effectively telling your story via the leading business networking platform 


Interview Prep

Advice Session

On-call one-on-one help when the interview request comes - includes my support, research direction, and easy prep steps proven to work, setting you up for success 

Resume Revamp-Offline-Resume-Services-Gr

Resume Revamp


Using new stand-out formatting techniques, we'll revamp your offline professional story to match your new online presence and ensure you're prepared to be found and apply


Organic Networking

In Everything

Built-in guidance sprinkled throughout individual sessions teaches you how to network naturally, with less effort, and ultimately better effectiveness