Frequently Asked Questions

What are your consultation fees?


Fees vary by service, interaction level, and delivery method. See all services under the Services tab and click each to review the detail of the service, requirements to purchase, delivery methods, and pricing. Prices are also listed on the Paths & Pricing tab. 

Why do I have to pay for these consultation services?


My time is valuable and so is yours! When I charge a fair fee for my services, I'm able to compensate for my time and better my life and that of my family. When you pay for something, you're investing in yourself and more likely to want the most from the product and/or experience. With my fees and NO REFUND policy, I hope to encourage you to commit, show up, and apply the skills you've gained through my teachings.

Why are your consultation services so affordable?


Passion. While money enables many possibilities, I don't do this for major monetary gains. My heart is in helping people succeed. Some of my clients are able to pay higher market rates for services like this while others may be in between work and stretching the last dollars they have. My services are tried and true, so it's easy for me to make it accessible to all professionals without emptying your wallet. All services are reasonably priced compared to the competition.

What happens after I purchase a service? 

The on-boarding guide for the service you purchase is available as a digital PDF download after payment is made. You'll be able to refer to this quick start guide for details on the service, next steps, and the fine print for engagement.


If I don't attend the session or utilize the service I pre-purchased, can I have a refund?


No. As space is limited and my scheduling capacity maxes out week over week your payment prepays your spot and allows me to focus on serving my clients instead of filling seats. I have limited capacity to serve new and existing clients at any given time. Having a NO REFUND policy also ensures you'll pursue getting your money's worth which results in you succeeding in your career goals. A win-win for all! See the "fine print" at the end of each consultation service page for more details on payment, reschedule, cancellation, and service expiration policies and procedures. 


What if I can't make my scheduled session due to an emergency?


Reschedule! Although I have a NO REFUND policy on all pre-purchased consultation services, I do allow you to reschedule services a limited amount of times. See the "fine print" at the end of each consultation service page for more details on payment, reschedule, cancellation, and service expiration policies and procedures.

Do you have a degree or certification in this expertise you provide?


No. I have no college degrees or certifications. My lessons are taught strictly from my experiences as well as my observations in watching my clients apply these lessons and gain their own professional successes through effective storytelling. I'm a strong believer in experiential learning and don't buy into the old mentality that you must have a paper degree to prove you're an expert in most fields of work. I do however continually seek new information and validation of my expertise to ensure I'm operating on the most current foundation of career-oriented knowledge for you. 


What if I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing for a career?


Don fret. I offer a step back course called Finding Your Path. It's a career exploration session that walks you through the proven process for pinpointing compatible careers and roles within industries that you can excel at. 


What happens after the LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On session?


Amazing things! You'll have a few "homework" items we've noted for you to work on and we'll do that together. Now that you've connected with me on LinkedIn®, I can follow your journey. You'll strive to maintain your excitement and momentum. You can message me "wins" on LinkedIn® when you have them to keep that connection with me. Further one-on-one advice sessions like an extended 201 session for areas not covered, job search, salary advice, interview prep​,​ or help organically networking will be charged per hour, ​pre-paid by invoice. ​We use any paid time efficiently and ​​I track the time we spend together. You should continue to apply what you’ve learned throughout your career and maybe even be able to help others learn the basics. 

How can I share your services with my friends, family, and network?

Easily! Provide them with this URL: Copy the URL of the site or any service page and paste it in a message. I post information on LinkedIn® often, so like, comment, and/or share the link there to spread the word to your network.  Let them know what you've experienced and feel great about paying it forward. When you find success while working with me, write a LinkedIn recommendation for them to see. There is no obligation to do so of course!. 

Have a different question? 

If these FAQs haven't answered your question please submit your inquiry by clicking the Email Me button below! Questions will be answered within two business days.