Finding Your Path

Career Exploration Session

Guided Reflection, Research, & Informed Decision Making




When you were young, you may have been told you could be anything. The truth is, you can't. But with some reflective thought and thorough research, you can come to understand what you SHOULD be doing. This starter session takes a step back to help you determine what you now want to be when you grow up and beyond. 


This Finding Your Path Career Exploration session will guide you through the six steps to career choice, change, and even advancement. It's a process you can utilize at any stage in your career to ensure you're on the right path or to help you choose a new one. 

No matter your reason for wanting or needing a career change, this course shines a light on your skills, likes, dislikes, and options. There are 1,900,000+ companies in the world and even more roles to fill which support the operations and advancement of those entities. The possibilities are all but endless. Why not choose a career path that feels right for you and meets your needs, allowing you to contribute the most good while doing your best work? If it sounds like too much to take on alone, you're in the right place!



Recommended For: 

  • Anyone out of work and open to opportunity

  • Anyone desperate for a career change and/or feeling completely lost 

  • Professionals looking to change their industry, role, or daily focus

NOT Recommended For: 

  • Anyone who cannot commit the up-front time to help me help them, or complete homework

  • Anyone who just wants me to do the work for them

  • Anyone closed off to new ideas or who refuses to think outside the box /their comfort zone

What It Is

  • Based on process

  • Eye-opening

  • Focused on you

  • Applicable to everyone

What It’s Not

  • A painful process

  • A final, forever decision

  • Work done for you

  • Decisions made for you

What It Covers

  • Intro to the six steps for career success

  • Intro to common assessment tools

  • Assisted research for decision making


  • Flexible scheduling within two - four weeks after purchase 

How Long

  • Two - Four Hours*

*The session can go long and follow up assistance is included


  • Virtually, via the Zoom screen share application

How Much

  • Only $130!


  • Learn hands-on, real-time, personalized knowledge necessary for lifelong career success


  • For requirements, more information, policies, and procedures, please read the "Fine Print" below.

Ready to begin?

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The "Fine Print"


  • This is the only CCC session that does not require the purchase of the one-on-one LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session through Click Career Consulting, LLC but it is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase a package to ensure your new career goals will be reached after the completion of this session. 


  • QUALITY vs. QUANTITY: The two-hour Finding Your Path session is educational, thought-provoking, and requires complete focus from you and me. Within this time, we will cover many topics and progress your knowledge on how to approach career transition. You will make progress towards a decision with my help, but it's ultimately up to you.

  • Q&A LIMITATIONS: As the Finding Your Path session is a one-on-one service, you are paying for my undivided attention for two hours. You can ask as many questions as you need during that time and there will be an opportunity for limited follow-up post-session.​ We do want to get through the key sections required for understanding the process, gaining insight into who you are, assessing what you're good at, and beginning to understand a list of options. 

  • SESSION REQUIREMENTS: This online or in-person session and all other Click Career Consulting, LLC services require clients to have access to a computer capable of audio input/ output and a connection to the internet to participate. Dial-in via phone is also available for a better audio experience, but screen share will be an internet link and is the bulk of the experience. It is suggested to have the following items to ensure preparedness for the session: LinkedIn Profile w/ Log-in Credentials, Laptop / Desktop Computer, Computer Charger Cord, Stable WiFi Signal / Internet, A Quiet Place to Concentrate, A Comfortable Seat. Optional Useful Items: Paper & Pen for Notes: The session will go quickly. Jotting notes will help you capture questions and homework items, Phone for Dialing In, Audio is also available via computer speakers, Headphones / Earphones with Mic: To decrease disturbance to those around you, Extended / Extra Screen: One for viewing and one for working on your profile

  • PATHS & PRICING OPTIONS: The Finding Your Path session can be purchased alone or as part of a discounted consultation package. There is no obligation to purchase more than this service but it is recommended that you review the Paths & Pricing option for a more robust, inclusive, and focused experience as well as options for greater savings when services are purchased together. The LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session is a career changer that ensures you reach your new career goal. 


  • PAYMENT POLICY: Full payment is due online at the time of booking this Finding Your Path session.

  • RESCHEDULE/NO SHOW POLICY: Reschedule of your selected Finding Your Path session is allowed, but limited to up to two times within a 4-week period from the date of purchase, with NO REFUND given for no show after the second reschedule attempt. Client requests to reschedule a webinar date must be submitted in writing via email to You will receive one notice that your window has closed or you've reached your max reschedule attempts. 

  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Client requested cancellation of service is allowed with NO REFUND given. Request to cancel this/ any pre-purchased service(s) must be submitted in writing via email to You will receive one written notice via email that the service has been canceled. 

  • EXPIRATION POLICY: This/ any pre-purchased service is also subject to be canceled due to natural plan expiration parameters with NO REFUND given. If you have not completed a LinkedIn® 101: Introductory Lesson session within the stated expiration window (4 weeks) and haven't rescheduled you will receive one reminder email to engage, one notice of upcoming expiration, and one notice when the service has expired, i.e. canceled. After expiration, new service(s) must be purchased to continue at the same or possibly higher unpackaged pricing. See individual pricing for all services under Services.