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So all of your hard work has paid off. You’ve been through my LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session and Resume Revamp Service. You know your story. You've found the job you want. You've applied. You got the call! Maybe a recruiter reached out. They want an interview. What now?

This is not the time to freeze! Remember that you have value. This interview is a 50/50 conversation on why they should hire you and why you would want to work for them. You must walk into the room ready. 

You're here because you may want guidance on what to do in the days and hours before you sit before your interviewers. Each individual’s experience is unique and nuanced, but overall there is a proven approach to effectively prepare for an interview whether it be a phone screen, in-person, or panel setting. 

My Interview Prep session includes moral support, tips, tricks, and more. Just a call away and easily scheduled on short notice, you’ll never be alone when preparing to get your next role. Are you ready to begin?


  • What: Interview prep pep-talk with pointers on how to own the interview through preparation. Includes Q&A opportunity and subsequent interview follow-ups

  • Who: Anyone (see requirements below)

  • When: As needed

  • Where: Via phone / email

  • Why: Provide support and lessons on how to always be prepared when the interview request comes​

  • Duration: One Hour

  • How Much: $65

For requirements, more information, policies, and procedures, please read "The Fine Print" below.




Ready to begin?

If your journey with me is just beginning, click the "Pick Your Path" button to choose your ideal package with greater savings than purchasing services separately. See the fine print below for more info. If you're a returning customer, click "Contact Me".

The "Fine" Print


  • The LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session through Click Career Consulting, LLC is required to purchase this Interview Prep and all other services.


  • QUALITY vs. QUANTITY: Most of your interview preparation will be done without me, between our touch bases. The initial call will last the longest time at approximately 20-30 minutes. After the first conversation, you’ll complete tasks and come back to me as needed until the interview. Once the interview is complete, we’ll discuss how you felt it went. If called for a second/third/etc interview, all subsequent interview prep is included in the initial fee for that specific instance.  ​

  • Q&A LIMITATIONS: The Interview Prep Session is a one-on-one type of service so there are no limitations to questions you can ask during the time stated. If I feel the limit for the paid service has been reached, I’ll let you know. 

  • SESSION REQUIREMENTS: This and all other Click Career Consulting, LLC services require clients to have access to a computer and a connection to the internet to participate. Most consultation for this service will be via phone but could also involve a screen share instance and/or email exchanges. It is suggested to have the following items to ensure preparedness for the session: Laptop/ Desktop Computer,  Laptop/ Desktop Computer Charging Cord, Headphones/ Earphones, Cell/ Phone, Internet Access, Private Space, Pen/ Pencil, and Paper.

  • PATHS & PRICING OPTIONS: The Interview Prep Session can only be purchased alone, as needed, after completing the LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session, which is required to purchase this and any/ all other services. After that, there is no obligation to purchase more than this service but it is recommended that you review the Paths & Pricing option for a more robust, inclusive, and focused experience as well as options for greater savings when services are purchased together. 


  • PAYMENT POLICY: Full payment is due online at the time of booking the Interview Prep session service.​

  • RESCHEDULE/NO SHOW POLICY: Reschedule of your Interview Prep Session is allowed, but limited to up to two times within a 1 week period from the date of purchase, with NO REFUND given for no show after the second reschedule attempt. Client requests to reschedule an Interview Prep session date/time must be submitted in writing via email to You will receive one notice that your window has closed or you've reached your max reschedule attempts. ​

  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Client requested cancellation of service is allowed with NO REFUND given. Request to cancel your pre-purchased service(s) must be submitted in writing via email to You will receive one notice that the service or plan has been canceled. ​

  • EXPIRATION POLICY: This pre-purchased service is also subject to be canceled due to natural plan expiration parameters with NO REFUND given. If you have not completed an Interview Prep session within the stated expiration window (1 week) you will receive one reminder email to engage, one notice of upcoming expiration, and one notice when the plan has expired, i.e. canceled. After expiration, new service(s) must be purchased to continue at the same or possibly higher unpackaged pricing. See individual pricing for all services under Services.