LinkedIn® 201

Hands-On Session

Guided Walkthrough with Real-Time Results


You may have purchased and attended my LinkedIn® 101: Introductory Lesson so you understand the basics of utilizing LinkedIn® now. Congratulations on taking that vital first step in your journey and investing in yourself! You’ve started your takeaway “homework” from that experience and may already be seeing the results of your effort. Or maybe you prefer to build your personal brand, professional story, and LinkedIn profile with my expert guidance out of the gate.


If you’re considering this next level one-on-one session, you might feel you need an in-depth personal consultation that focuses on your specific situation for assistance dialing in your professional story.You’re not alone! Many people just like you benefit from a second brain when thinking through all of the pieces that make you the complete package. 


Where have you been? Where are you now? Where are you going? In short, what do you want to be when you grow up? I know it's a lot to take on alone and taking the first step is the hardest part. I've been there. 

The LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session is a two-way conversation with me and is backed by many years of experience and proven results. My one-on-one consultation service is three hours of me asking, listening, more listening, and effectively consulting you. It’s hyper-focused on your particular situation and providing guidance on utilizing the LinkedIn® business platform to reach your career goals. I lead with patience and understanding as you continue your journey into the new job age. 


This experience includes even more insight into the nuances of the site, how to make it useful to you now and in the future, best practices for profile elements based on your needs, and interactive lessons on interacting with the platform to drive opportunities to you. Throughout the session, you’ll continue building your profile based on my best practice advice which has created many stand-out candidates in this competitive digital job market.


What It Is

  • In-depth

  • Interactive

  • Focused on you

  • Applicable to everyone

What It’s Not

  • Overly extensive

  • Unnecessarily granular

  • Ever all-Inclusive

  • A waste of time

What It Covers

  • What LinkedIn is & why it’s important

  • How it pertains to you

  • How to build your profile

  • How to tell your story effectively, right now


  • Flexibly scheduled 


  • Virtually, via a screen share application


  • Learn hands-on, real-time, personalized knowledge necessary for lifelong career success

How Long

  • Three+ Hours*

*This session can go long

How Much

  • Only $195


  • For requirements, more information, policies, and procedures, please read The "Fine" Print" below.




Ready to begin?

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The "Fine" Print


  • This one-on-one LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session or at least the LinkedIn® 101: Introductory Lesson session through Click Career Consulting, LLC is required to purchase all other services. 


  • QUALITY vs. QUANTITY: The three-hour LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session is intense, jampacked with productivity, and requires complete focus from you and me. Within this time, we will cover many topics and progress your knowledge extensively. We will make updates to your personal brand, professional story, and LinkedIn® profile in real-time.

  • Q&A LIMITATIONS: As the LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session is a one-on-one service, you are paying for my undivided attention for three hours. You can ask as many questions as you need during that time and there will be an opportunity for limited follow-up post-session.​ We do want to get through the key sections required for a polished profile, so we should respect the time limitations of the purchased session. 

  • SESSION REQUIREMENTS: This online or in-person session and all other Click Career Consulting, LLC services require clients to have access to a computer capable of audio input/ output and a connection to the internet to participate. Dial-in via phone is also available for a better audio experience, but screen share will be an internet link and is the bulk of the experience. It is suggested to have the following items to ensure preparedness for the session: Laptop/ Desktop Computer, Computer Charging Cord, Headphones/ Earphones, Cell/ Phone, Internet Access, Private Space, Pen/ Pencil, Paper

  • PATHS & PRICING OPTIONS: The LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session can be purchased alone or as part of a discounted consultation package. The LinkedIn® 101: Introductory Lesson or the LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session is required to purchase any/ all other services. There is no obligation to purchase more than this service but it is recommended that you review the Paths & Pricing option for a more robust, inclusive, and focused experience as well as options for greater savings when services are purchased together.


  • PAYMENT POLICY: Full payment is due online at the time of booking the LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session.​

  • RESCHEDULE/NO SHOW POLICY: Reschedule of your LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session is allowed, but limited to up to two times within a 4-week period from the date of purchase, with NO REFUND given for no show after the second reschedule attempt. Client requests to reschedule a webinar date must be submitted in writing via email to You will receive one notice if you've reached your max reschedule attempts. ​

  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Client requested cancellation of service is allowed with NO REFUND given. Request to cancel this/ any pre-purchased service(s) must be submitted in writing via email to You will receive one notice that the plan has been canceled. ​

  • EXPIRATION POLICY: This/ any pre-purchased service is also subject to be canceled due to natural plan expiration parameters with NO REFUND given. If you have not completed your LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session within the stated expiration window (4 weeks) you will receive one reminder email to engage, one notice of upcoming expiration, and one notice when the plan has expired, i.e. canceled. After expiration, new service(s) must be purchased to continue at the same or possibly higher unpackaged pricing. See individual pricing for all services under Services.