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Policy Overview


Click Career Consulting, LLC is completely devoted to the defense of your privacy and personal information. The policies below apply to the website (“Website”), incepted and maintained by the Click Career Consulting, LLC staff (collectively “Click Career Consulting”, "I", “we”, “us”, or “our”). It also applies to all engagement with me and my career consultation services where applicable. I have established this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) to educate you on the type of personal information I may collect via this website, my webinar registration page, email, written notes, surveys, intake forms, and/or phone calls while you are engaged with me for any/all career consultation services. I will state why I collect your information, what I use your personal information for, when I may provide your personal information, and how you can control your personal information.

Please note that the practices written in this Privacy Policy are only applicable to information collected from your direct engagement with me, where relevant.

By visiting my Website or engaging with my career consultation services through third-party vendors I use, you are complying with the practices written in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree or consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please do not use this Website or engage with me, Click Career Consulting, LLC, or its employees in any way. I may, as needed, revise this Privacy Policy, and the date of last revision will be available at the bottom of this page. By using my career consultation Services, you are acknowledging and accepting this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of these Services after changes have been posted to the Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of any/all changes. Please revisit this page to review any updates. 

1. Information - Collected and/or Stored

Click Career Consulting, LLC, and Staci Kae Alter adhere to the common standards of ethical practices in all of my processes and is devoted to protecting the privacy of all users of my Website and clients. My Privacy Policy is clear: Except as revealed below, I don’t sell, barter, deliver, or rent your personal information to any organization or individual external of Click Career Consulting, LLC. I never ask for more than is necessary or required to provide the career consultation service(s) you’ve asked for. As a result, what information I collect and store depends more or less completely on how you decide to make use of my services. Generally, the required basics for proper engagement will include your full legal name, contact phone number, contact email address, and work history. 

1.a. Personal Information

I accumulate and store information that you enter into this Website or that you supply through any of our third-party vendors to engage with me. For instance, when you register for a webinar, I accumulate and store some or all of the subsequent information that you supply: name, billing address, email address, telephone number, etc. This information is used to make available the products and services that you have requested. Registration can also be mandatory and Personal Information could also be gathered in certain segments of the Website in which you purposely and intentionally supply such information, e.g. comment sections or contact forms. Parts of this information also could be used to get in touch with you about sales, new products, special offers, and new site features, unless you have opted to not obtain promotional interactions in association with this website or my services.

1.a.1 Use of Personal Information for Future Contact

I gather e-mail addresses for standard communication purposes. Not including to our third party representatives (as explained below), this information is not publicized with any third parties for any reason. Any person who does not want to be contacted by email in the future can, at any time, follow the “Unsubscribe” directions contained in every email received from us. If you do not wish to be contacted by phone, please inform me through my Contact Me form. 

1.a.2 Other Uses of Personal Information 

Aside from what is stated in this Privacy Policy, we do not utilize or release information about your usage of our Website or your Personal Information received online to anyone or any organization not associated with us. If we request the use of your likeness or personal information for use as an example for future clients or showcase on our website, you will receive a written request with all pertinent details and be given the chance to tell us not to permit such use. 

1.b. Anonymous Information

During your use of the Website, we may collect certain information that does not recognize you independently (“Anonymous Information”). Usually, this information is gathered from “site traffic data” we monitor. We accumulate and store certain other information repeatedly whenever you interact with this Website. For instance, we collect your IP address, browser information, and reference site domain name each time you are on and/or all pages within the site. We also gather information as regards customer traffic patterns and site usage. 

1.b.1 Use of Anonymous Information

We may use Anonymous Information collected to assist us in improving how users make use of sections of the Website and who our users are so we can enhance our Website and consultation services. We might also utilize or distribute Anonymous Information (or additional information, other than Personal Information) in some other method that we consider suitable or essential.

2. Use of Cookies and Spyware

2.a Spyware

We will never employ the use of spyware on your computer, nor do we utilize spyware to recover information from your computer. 

2.b "Cookies"

Also, as common with most websites, we apply “cookies” during your visit to our Website, which are records stored on your computer’s hard drive by your browser. Cookies allow us to recognize account owners and to optimize your consultation experience. The majority of browsers recognize cookies by design, but also allow you to prevent them. We advise that you keep cookies “turned on” so that we can provide you a user-friendly online experience on this Website. You may occasionally get Cookies from companies marketing on our behalf. We do not manage these Cookies, and these Cookies are not subject to our Cookie policy.

3. Is Information Collected From Children?

We do not purposefully engage with or collect any personal information from minors, nor do we collect any new personal information from a person who we identify as persons under the age of 18 after they have contacted us. If you are under the age of 18, you should utilize this website only with the participation of a parent or guardian and must not surrender any personal information to us. Our Website is not purposely targeted to children under the age of 18. Children under the age of 18 must not use our Website without attaining prior parental permission.

4. Linking To and From Other Websites

This website includes links to other websites managed by third-party vendors we utilize, with standard agreements, to conduct business and enable us to deliver our services. We also utilize some third party sites to advertise our Website and services. Please understand that the practices written in this Privacy Policy for Click Career Consulting do not apply to information collected from these other websites. These other online locations could also provide their cookies to you and gather your data or request your personal information. Be aware of site changes that occur. We are not accountable for the actions and privacy policies of third parties and other websites. Please review and accept the privacy policies of all websites that engage or interact with.

If you have further questions or concerns visit our FAQ page or use the Contact Us button below to submit.