OBJECTIVE OF THIS SERVICE: Gain valuable insight into the nuances of the site, how to make it useful to you now and in the future, learn best practices for profile elements based on your needs, and understand how to interact with the platform to drive opportunities to you. Throughout the session, you’ll continue building your profile based on my best practice advice which has created many stand-out candidates in this competitive digital job market. Then, I'll take your experience, skills, personality, and most importantly your career goals into account resulting in a beautifully handcrafted story on paper for you to share that also matches your improved online presence.

Click Foundations

  • The Click Foundations quick reference onboarding guide in PDF form will be available for download after purchase. This includes the summary of the service, next steps, and fine print for engagement. 

  • See the "fine print" sections of the LinkedIn 201: Hands-On Session and Resume Revamp Service pages for the detailed information on PAYMENT / REFUNDS / CANCELLATION POLICIES before purchasing the Click Foundations package.