OBJECTIVE FOR THIS SERVICE: To take your experience, skills, personality, and most importantly your career goals into account resulting in a beautifully handcrafted story on paper for you to share that also matches your improved online presence.


Resume Revamp Service (Only)

  • The Resume Revamp Service quick reference onboarding guide in PDF form will be available for download after purchase. This includes the summary of the service, next steps, and fine print for engagement. 

  • REQUIRED COURSE: ​The foundation LinkedIn® 101: Introductory Lesson or the LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session through Click Career Consulting, LLC is required to purchase this Resume Revamp Service and all other services. PAYMENT / REFUNDS / CANCELLATION POLICIES - PAYMENT POLICY: Full payment is due online at the time of booking the Resume Revamp Service. RESCHEDULE/NO SHOW POLICY: Completion of the Resume Revamp Service cycle must be completed within a 4-week period from the date of purchase, with NO REFUND given for no response after the third attempt to engage (at any time in the cycle). Client requests to delay completing the resume service must be submitted in writing via email to You will receive one notification email if I’ve reached the max attempts to reach you to complete this service. CANCELLATION POLICY: Client requested cancellation of this/ any service is allowed with NO REFUND given. Request to cancel your pre-purchased service(s) must be submitted in writing via email to You will receive one notice that the service has been canceled. ​EXPIRATION POLICY: This pre-purchased service is also subject to be canceled due to natural plan expiration parameters with NO REFUND given. If you have not completed your part of the Resume Revamp Service within the stated expiration window (4 weeks) you will receive one reminder email to engage, one notice of upcoming expiration, and one notice when the plan has expired, i.e. canceled. After expiration, new service(s) must be purchased to continue at the same or possibly higher unpackaged pricing. See individual pricing for all services under Services.