Click Career Consulting Staci Kae Brooko

Word of mouth is still the best advertisement channel. 

Whether you've used my services and have found career success or just know someone who could benefit from an experience like this, your personal referral means the world to me. 

To reward you for organically advertising for me, I gladly pay a referral reward of $20 per person who engages and pays for any service I provide. Share the info below for your chance at a sweet referral gift!

The "Fine Print"


  • All new clients can purchase a minimum of $130 for the Finding Your Path: Career Exploration Session but everyone must purchase at least the LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session to invest in any further services including Resume Revamp, Job Search & Salary Advice, and/or Interview Prep sessions. This process ensures end-to-end education and program success.  



  • REFERRAL PAYMENTS: A referrer name must be provided on the first contact from the potential client. $20 will be paid to the referrer within 24 hours of new client purchase/payment and referral confirmation. Transfer of funds to the referrer can be made via Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal.

  • REFERRAL DISCOUNTS: New clients referred by existing clients get 10% off the first purchase of service(s).

  • PATHS & PRICING OPTIONS: There is no obligation to purchase more than the foundation services but it is recommended that you review the Paths & Pricing option for a more robust, inclusive, and focused experience as well as options for greater savings when services are purchased together. 

Referrals Welcome!