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Personalized Resume Update Service


Welcome. If you’re exploring my Resume Revamp Service, you’ve purchased and completed either my LinkedIn® 101: Introductory Lesson or LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session, both required before utilizing this service (see requirements below). Your online profile is up-to-date and might even be one of the best on the market for your industry and role!


But when it comes time to apply for your dream job or respond to a recruiter, there’s something lacking. That resume you created when you were 18 and have half-heartedly updated for years has no luster. Was it a Microsoft Resume Template? Mine was! Maybe you weren’t initially ready to invest in a professionally updated resume, but you might be now and that’s great!  

How does my resume service differ from the online resume mills? We’ve all been told, “content is king”. But did you know that "presentation is the queen"? And when those two are happily married together you can’t lose. I require my clients to learn the basics of LinkedIn® and complete at least one session so that I’m able to round out your professional story in an informed, thoughtful, and more meaningful way.


My Resume Revamp Service takes your experience, skills, personality, and most importantly your career goals into account. The result is a beautifully handcrafted story on paper for you to share that also matches your improved online presence. 



What It Is

  • Review & refinement

  • Polish & presentation

  • Focused on your goals

  • Applicable to everyone

What It’s Not

  • Just font/formatting changes

  • Templated or reused

  • Available without LinkedIn 101 or LinkedIn 201

What It Covers

  • Updating your old resume

  • Connecting offline doc. to online resume

  • Creating a standout Word document 

  • Rounding out your professional story


  • Flexibly scheduled


  • Virtually, and collaboratively via email


  • Update your offline resume to match your online brand, which is necessary for ongoing career success

How Long

  • Three+ Hours*

*This session can go long

How Much

  • Only $125


  • For requirements, more information, policies, and procedures, please read The "Fine" Print" below.




Ready to begin?

If you are, click the "Purchase" button below. If your journey with me is just beginning, click the "Pick Your Path" button instead to build your ideal package with greater savings than purchasing services separately.

The "Fine" Print


  • The foundation LinkedIn® 101: Introductory Lesson or the LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session through Click Career Consulting, LLC is required to purchase this Resume Revamp Service and all other services.


  • QUALITY vs. QUANTITY: By the time we update your resume you’ve spent hours learning from and also teaching me. Your LinkedIn® profile, a.k.a. your online resume will be up-to-date. I’ll be able to complete this service relatively quickly. We won’t overthink it, but your resume will definitely stand apart from almost all others. 


  • Q&A LIMITATIONS: As this is an add-on service with low-to-medium interaction, we’ll be communicating back and forth from the time you purchase the service until your final resume document is delivered. I’ll ask you questions and you’ll give me feedback. You can ask as many questions as you need during that time.​

  • SESSION REQUIREMENTS: This virtual service and all/ any other Click Career Consulting, LLC services require clients to have access to a computer and a connection to the internet with an email to participate. 

  • PATHS & PRICING OPTIONS: The Resume Revamp Service can be purchased alone after completion of the LinkedIn® 101: Introductory Lesson and/or the LinkedIn® 201: Hands-On Session service. Those services can be purchased as part of a discounted consultation package. After that, there is no obligation to purchase more than this service but it is recommended that you review the Paths & Pricing option for a more robust, inclusive, and focused experience as well as the options for greater savings when services are purchased together. 


  • PAYMENT POLICY: Full payment is due online at the time of booking the Resume Revamp Service.

  • RESCHEDULE/NO SHOW POLICY: Completion of the Resume Revamp Service cycle must be completed within a 4-week period from the date of purchase, with NO REFUND given for no response after the third attempt to engage (at any time in the cycle). Client requests to delay completing the resume service must be submitted in writing via email to You will receive one notification email if I’ve reached the max attempts to reach you to complete this service. 


  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Client requested cancellation of this/ any service is allowed with NO REFUND given. Request to cancel your pre-purchased service(s) must be submitted in writing via email to You will receive one notice that the service has been canceled. ​


  • EXPIRATION POLICY: This pre-purchased service is also subject to be canceled due to natural plan expiration parameters with NO REFUND given. If you have not completed your part of the Resume Revamp Service within the stated expiration window (4 weeks) you will receive one reminder email to engage, one notice of upcoming expiration, and one notice when the plan has expired, i.e. canceled. After expiration, new service(s) must be purchased to continue at the same or possibly higher unpackaged pricing. See individual pricing for all services under Services.